Recent advancements of so called motion in sway of "AAP" has been branded both as gimmick and mini-revolution. We have seen many parties come to being and then turn corrupt or fizzle out. What do you think this party will turn out to be ?


We Will Decide!!

Tausif Sulemani
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There is no proper definition of political party in Indian constitution but the election commission does ask to specify the objective of the party while registering it. Responding to this post I had the privilege to look in to the objectives of major political parties of India and as off my understanding all these parties have evolved beyond the limit to repair, leaving the objective way behind. I see AAP as right trigger at perfect political timing and it must evolve, evolution is necessary to sustain but compromising the Ideology will bring the party in the same boat. The voters are fundamental part of the democracy, they will also play a key role either by contaminating it or by fumigating it. The problem is that people follow the person, not the ideology. They have evolve a lot it’s our time.

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